Cross-Border Money Transfer

For businesses looking to expand their markets to other territories and countries, cross-border payments are a crucial component of their business needs. Kanz Remit offers innovative solutions for fast and easy access to worldwide markets, enabling its clients to send and receive funds quickly and easily in all major and local currencies. Transfers are carried out with same or next day settlement and at competitive rates.

Payment Accounts (E-Wallets)

Kanz Remit offers its clients multi-currency Payment Accounts (E-Wallets) that are easily accessible anywhere. Our Payment Accounts enable clients to transfer, receive and store funds in most currencies quickly and securely, without the need for unnecessary conversion costs and fees.

Merchant Acquisition

With Kanz Remit, merchant acquisition is easy and straightforward: The merchant partners with Kanz Remit and is then able to easily receive payments worldwide either through direct wire transfers or the major card processing schemes. Kanz Remit can provide a settlement account in Singapore in any currency required by the Merchant.

Domestic Money Transfer

Domestic money transfer enables clients to receive and send payments within Singapore using local state-of-the-art payment systems, to be credited or debited immediately. With Kanz Remit’s domestic money transfer solutions, multinational corporates and private clients can easily make or receive local domestic payments from or to their Payment Account in a swift, easy, and reliable manner.

Prepaid / Debit Cards

Kanz Remit can issue prepaid and debit cards for use globally. Kanz Remit’s cards are Issued by leading providers in the field. With Kanz Remit’s solutions, clients can obtain cards for any need such as: payroll cards, gift cards, expenses cards, personal use cards, etc. Kanz Remit’s solution can be utilized for any corporate needs. Cards can easily and quickly be topped up when funds are depleted, and clients

Currency Conversion

Kanz Remit offers multi-currency payment accounts (e-wallets) to its private and corporate clients. Using multi-currency payment accounts enables clients to easily make or receive payments in different currencies without the need to pay for costly currency conversion rates. Situated in South East Asia enable Kanz Remit to provide comparative exchange rates for "Exotic" currencies. Kanz Remit's access to diverse currencies provide an advantage to Kanz Remit's clients in their work with counterparts and business partners around the world. Kanz Remit's payment accounts are maintained in accordance with all applicable regulations and requirements related to the safeguarding of client funds.

Batch Payments

For corporate clients with high-volume payout needs, Kanz Remit offers instant payout solution Kanz Remit allow clients to make Batch Payment (Mass Payment). Kanz Remit’s solutions allows international or domestic remittance to multiple beneficiaries in one single payment order. Batch Payment processing leads to faster payments and higher merchant satisfaction.