Licensed Activities

As a Major Payment Institution (MPI), Kanz Remit is permitted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to offer a flexible range of solutions, combining any or all of the following licensed activities: Account Issuance Issuing a payment account, or any service related to operating a payment account – such as an e-wallet or a non-bank issued credit card. E-Money Issuance Issuing e-money allowing the user to pay merchants or transfer funds to another individual. Cross-Border Money Transfer Inbound or outbound remittance services, transferring funds to and from persons located outside of Singapore or between any other third countries. Domestic Money Transfer Providing local money transfer services in Singapore, including payment gateways and payment kiosks. Merchant Acquisition Processing and settling payment transactions and receipts in Singapore on behalf of merchants. May include POS terminals and online payment gateways.